City Break

#citybreak Srijem and Slavonia
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This is not just a short break from everyday life, charging your batteries or getting to know new places. A city break in the Vukovar-Srijem County is an entirely new experience and an unusual encounter for all those familiar with journeys in typical urban environments. In the East of Croatia, the borders between the urban and rural disappear, there is an alternation of images of magnificent nature, vast fields, gentle plains, unique architectural wholes, powerful rivers and wine-growing hills.
In all the nuances of gold, a new world is presenting itself before you, selflessly offering you all that it has – a relaxed lifestyle, widely known hospitality, a supreme gourmet story, wines praised by even the most demanding critics, ambient architecture, museums, castles… Nowhere like in the East of Croatia will you enjoy the attractive manifestations, varied folklore, ‘tambura’ music and rich urban scene. The best Croatian comics were created here as well as the best rock ballads and hip-hop hits, the Danube embankment being the most beautiful film and theatre festival stage.

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