Let's go to Syrmia

Tourist boat, bird watching, cycling

Thematic tourist road „Let's go to Syrmia“ passes through the area of Western, Croatian Syrmia and offers contents in villages Nijemci, Tovarnik and Lovas. The ship St. Catherine on the rivers Bosut and Spačva creates possibilities of river adventure, bird and animal watching, along with flora, and can be combined with horse tracks and walkways and arranged observation post placed in the heart of Syrmian fields. There is a possibility of renting a bike or boat. You can refresh yourself with homemade food and drinks in authentic environment and atmosphere. Major manifestations include: Divan je kićeni Srijem, held in May and June, with presentations of tradition and wealth of Syrmia, Fruit brandies and liquors Festival, Miholjski dani and Srijemsko kolo. Manifestations are organized from spring to autumn.



Tourist community Nijemci
Trg kralja Tomislava 6
Tel: 032 280 376
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